Using Internet to Find Roommates

Back in the day, roommate search was nothing short of a recruitment process. You had to go through a pile of applicants and cross-reference them after filtering out the definite “No’s”. Advertising for finding roommates also used to cause a huge dent in the wallet as well as non-monetary losses, including time and stress. Even after so much scrutiny, it used to be a cat in a hell’s chance that the roommate would turn out to be the person you hoped for.

Find Roommates Online

Technology and social networking has enabled us to find roommates online and revolutionize the process altogether. Internet has become a portal to the world. It has proven to be more reliable than traditional methods when it comes to screening potential roommates. To find roommates online, there are numerous apps and websites which have emerged on the landscape in the past few years. Some of these web portals and web-based smart phone applications use social signals and social media data of potential roommates to help you learn more about them and empower you to make better decisions.

The tools enable you to find roommates online who are compatible not only in the habits and orientations which are important to you but also in their tastes which you may have originally thought to be non-bothering. As social network profiles tend to reflect most of your likes and tastes, the compatibility factor multiplies by several folds when using the Internet to find a roommate. For instance, even if you don’t mention to a potential roommate that you like a specific genre of music or prefer to stick to a strict sleeping schedule, these new apps and websites will gather personal information available on your social media when granted access and will help you find a roommate who will have similar habits and tastes or at least those that are complementary to yours.


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